I am getting sick of
Always feeling exhausted
Can not get my mind off
Always feeling shitty
Who’s to point the fingers?
But if you are happy
And I still feel like this
I don’t think that I can

Help it
If I blame you
For how I feel
When I’m without you
So I’ll go on
And keep drinking
Try to keep my
Mind from thinking about it

In my veins I feel it flow
Anxiety, depression takes control
Can’t suppress these feelings anymore
Reminders bring me back at every turn
Never thought it’d last so long
My time is burning faster than this song
This is my own fault, I know
I should have known to love you all along

I will teach myself to
Live my life without you
Drink my mind away from
Always thinking of you
Always be exhausted
Trying to forget you
I don’t know what I’ll do
And what if I fucking

Can forgive you
For reacting
To my actions
Yelling at you
Yelling at me
You’re not sorry
Message is undelivered

What’s this world coming to?
Zach got a muffstache tattoo
Three days in Sacramento
Thirty hours ten left to go
Thought we had our shit together
Thought we had prepared better
If we blow it no one will know
Thanks to sound magician Joe
Tracking songs written days ago
No lyrics but no worries though
Jesse’s here to save the day again
What could we do without that friend?
Time it ticks down, but don’t sweat it
Don’t forget the last minute’s the
Most productive minute

Down to the last second
No time to regret it
Third Seven flattered Pat
Two awesome split records
Released on the masses
Blow minds and break eardrums
Bomb hills and do dishes

Travel across the sea
Vampirate your country
Get this party going
Time to write some lyrics
Eat another pizza slice
Extra habanero
No time to go to sleep
Got to use every moment
Making up for the lost time
We spent doing something
There’s a line missing
Unloading expression
Did we learn our lesson
Working on the music
Shut your fucking mouth

Just sayin’
Just sayin’
You’re always just sayin’
I can’t help but notice
You’re always complainin’

Or bitching about something
That’s not helping nothing
The time’s almost over
The memory holder
Will soon be the owner
Of all this we’ve finished
Get this show on the fuckin’ road

Too hungover to get some food
Last night what did you make me do
My brain it never stopped as I slept
I thought about my dick

Saved enough for Irish Coffee
This holiday should be tons of work
I thought that we swore off writing
Lyrics in the studio

Can’t let my boys down
They’ve got songs to record
Beer to drink a tour to book
They’re good boys

Too hungry to get more booze
Last night what did you make me do
My brain it never stopped as I slept
I thought about hilarious

Need more whiskey and more coffee
This job should be tons of fun
I thought that we swore off writing lyrics at Pus Cavern

Delivery is finally here
We’ve got pizza, whiskey, and beer
Two more days for thirteen songs
Things are moving right along
Pizza for dinner, beer for brunch
Keep Krump happy
She’s as thirsty as us
Europe’s coming up so fast

This album’s going diamond