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Punish Your Body

Stuck in this place
Bored off my face
Maybe I'm going outta my mind
Stuck in this place
Bored off my face
Somebody please spray me with mace

Spray it in my eyes
Spray it in my ears
Spray it up your ass
Spray it wherever the fuck you want

Punish your body
Beer for breakfast

Stuck in this place
Bored off my face
Maybe I'm going outta my mind
Stuck in this place
Bored off my face
Sudden urge to piss all over the place

Piss on the floor
Piss on the door
Piss on the carpet
Piss on the sink
Piss on the kitchen
Piss on the toilet
Piss on your leg
Piss on everything

Punish your body
Beer for breakfast

Retardmobile Gets A Wash

Sometimes I feel that I'm no better
Than the idiots that I denounce everyday

Plauged by the evils of society
These unseen chains clasping you and me
We float through this life predetermined

Eat and consume and fuck and eat
Sit and watch and never see a thing

You really think you're
You're nothing
Mere existence
Beyond (what you'll never know)

So open your eyes
And maybe you'll appreciate what you failed
To recognise your hands your fate

You really think you're living?


Flyin down a hill in Ashland, Oregon
We're on a mission to get wasted again
All we need is a skate and a beer
Patrick knows that the party is near

Soon we're all drunk
And I'll demand
It's time to get out of hand
Dance at some girls
And talk about our choads
Get kicked out hit the road

Bombmob Bombmob
Bombing hills is our job!

We're all smashed hunger sets in
I think we'll get a pizzagain
Haulin' ball down Siskyou
I'm too drunk I start to spew

Bombmob Bombmob
Bombing hills is our job!

Beach St. calls so we start the climb
Back at the pad we plot the crime
A slut some beer and a paper sack
The cape flies in no turning back

Dave Ball

Iíve only got one ball

One nut

Iíve got one ball

Rippin' Riot

Riot rippin' through your town
Riot rippin' down the walls
Riot rippin' on your bong
Riot rippin' piggy's balls

I Hate Girls

Fuck girls
I hate 'em
The shit I wanna say to 'em
The random girls that rape me
My friends that fuckin' hate me
Decieving little sluts
They eat away my guts
Unleash my little rover
And then I get fucked over
Fuck girls
I hate 'em
Fuck 'em
I hate 'em

Wrong Answer

Constantly searching
Once again alone
Can't seem to find myself
Secluded I bemoan to find the one that I assumed

Would be the answer
Is not you
Are just like the rest

Besmirched desperate

You grasp but now I pull away
What I thought was the answer
My question now
Where do I find what to fill my void
Was grasping onto you
Turned your back

Besmirched desperate

Pulling back and pushing away
With this nonsense I have lived too long
Unfamiliar reflection of who I've become
Numb to the pain high on my lies
Shit on my time demoralized

Besmirched and fucking desperate