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Cocksmoker Chunk Records
(our own record label out of reno, nv)

Voted Best Links:

Voted Best Band on Facebook
(our punk rock cover band)

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Voted Best Camp on Facebook
(our camp at burning man, drink some whiskey, fucker)

Voted Best Camp on Myspace

Bands you should listen to:

Sucka Punch on Facebook

Sucka Punch on Bandcamp
(punk/ska from reno, nv featuring chris fox and dave masud on guitars)

Twelve Gauge Facelift
(metal from reno, nv featuring chris tufino on drums and chris fox on bass)

Larry and His Flask
(amazing acoustic punk rock from redmond, or)

The Backup Razor on Myspace

The Backup Razor on Facebook
(rad-ass hardcore punk rock band from santa cruz, ca)

Benedict Arnold
(good friends and fantastic punk rock from st. louis, mo)

The Classless
(tour/drinking buddies from indianapolis, in)

Chris Fox on Bandcamp

Chris Fox on Myspace
(music by chris fox)

Painting Gala
(dave played bass in this band from reno, nv)

(a band chris fox and pat played in)

(band featuring chris fox and dave masud and members of seven eyes from reno, nv)

(super rad fast hardcore from la)

Good Neighbor Policy
(kick ass punk rock from santa cruz, ca)

(super awesome ska/punk from sacramento, ca)

(insanely crazy instrumental stuff from carson city, nv)

Anal Blastation
(acoustic loves songs featuring chris fox)

Butthak on Myspace

Butthak on Facebook

(a band from oregon featuring original vampirates singer eddie and chris fox)