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Hi! Our west coast tour with Zeta (Venezuela) has been announced! Check out all of the details on the shows page! See you at a show. - Chris

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Well shit, I guess it’s been a long time since I’ve updated this thing. We played some shows in March to celebrate our 15 year anniversary. Also in March we recorded our take on 7Seconds’ song “Remains To Be Seen” which is coming out on the tribute album “Destroy All That Tradition.” We’re playing a release show for that on November 24. We are slowly beginning to work on some new tunes and we’re planning a quick west coast tour for January. More details on that soon. Alright, see ya later. - Chris

Yes! Vampirates are still a band! We are playing in Reno, NV on December 9 at Jubs. After that we’re going to work on some new songs. Probably some more touring in 2018 also. See you soon!

Holy crap have I neglected these updates. Well... since the last update we toured Europe again, as well as selling out all across the US. We just wrapped up a west coast tour and it was a blast. We had a lot of fun seeing a bunch of friends. Our current plan is to write a new full-length album and hopefully have it out sometime in a year or so on Voted Best Records. Oh yeah, we also signed to Voted Best Records yesterday, or something. Here's to fourteen years of Vampirates. See you all soon! - chris

Hey all! I guess nine months have passed and it's time for a website update! Our 2015 Tour Of Terror was amazing! We had a blast playing shows all across the US, once again! Thanks for supporting our tiny punk band. In 2016 we plan to write some new tunes and possibly enter Pus Cavern once again before we head back to Europe in April/May. Details and booking are still in the works, so keep an eye out. After Europe we are planning another US tour, which is also still being worked out. We're planning to stay busy throughout the year, so keep an eye out for shows and new music soon! Party! - chris

Hello! We've had a wonderful off-season this winter. Dave has been booking shows and working a bunch, Pat has been being his nomadic self across California and Oregon, Chris had been doing some solo touring, playing in seven bands, the newest of which is Boss' Daughter, and together we are providing the music for an upcoming performance of the musical by Sam Shepard "Tooth Of Crime" at Jub's running in March. We leave for our Tour Of Terror across the US on April 1st and we can't wait to see all of our friends (old and new)! Check out the dates and info on our shows page. Thanks for staying with us all of these years. See you soon! - chris

Hey everyone! So funny story... though our merch sales are explosive, we are not terrorists. In other news, we now have vinyl records for the first time ever. We will have them available for mail order through our merch store soon, so keep an eye out for that. Europe was amazing and we made a lot of great new friends! We are still on tour through the southern US and west coast, so check the shows page for updated details. Thanks to everyone who has helped us on the tour so far, we will see you again soon. - chris

Hey everyone! We are on tour in the US right now! In about a week we head over to Europe to party with some friends and play some guitars and stuff! We just put out three new albums too! We'll get those up on our site soon. More news will be up soon once we get a chance. Short updates yeah! Happy birthday to me. - chris

Hey all! A big announcement about our upcoming US/Europe tour and three new releases is coming next week. So watch for that! - chris

Hey, the Murder Junkies have canceled their tour so our show in Reno on 1/25 has been canceled. However, we are playing at Holland (ALL AGES) on 2/12 and Jub's on 2/15 (Skate Jam!) though, so come on out! We have also booked studio time in March to record a whole bunch of new tunes. We are also working hard on booking our US/Europe tour which starts 4/17 in the US, and we will be in Europe between 5/8 and 6/13, and we'll be home around 7/20. Look out for more info soon! - chris

Hey all, just checking in 'cause I don't update this often enough. We're still hard at work on the new music for all of the releases we have planned for 2014. Pat will be in Reno next month for awhile so we can complete the recording as planned. We're also planning a tour of the US and Europe for 2014. Look for those details soon. We're playing in Reno January 25 at The Hideout with The Murder Junkies, info is on the shows page. More updates coming soon. - chris

Hey everyone, thought we should update you with what we've been doing lately.

We recently moved into a new rehearsal studio and we have been in there a lot working on some new songs, a handful of which are nearing the demo phase. We're planning to write and demo a bunch more and to head back into the studio before the year is out, recording songs for some split releases and another EP.

Also, our online merch store is growing almost daily and we're working to restock the shirts and other currently out of stock items. So keep checking that out.

We've also got a few shows coming up with some awesome touring bands. Check the shows section for more info about those.

Thanks for reading. We'll see you soon! - chris

Thank you to everyone who made our Ten Year Anniversary US Tour our best tour yet! 63 shows in 67 days. We played with countless amazing bands, partied harder than ever before with tons of friends old and new, and played at many many great venues. Thanks to everyone who fed us, drank with us, housed us, bathed us, bought our merch, promoted shows, booked shows, booed us, enjoyed our music, and everyone else who helped us out in any form. WE WILL SEE YOU ALL SOON! - chris


- chris

Here we go again! Below is the poster for our 2013 Ten Year Anniversary US Tour and also the route and confirmed shows so far. If a city doesn't have a venue, then we probably need help in that area. Please send an email to if you can help us fill in any of the gaps. No days off! Feel free to re-post the poster and info to help spread the word! This one will be the best tour yet! See you in 2013!

2/28/13 - Reno, NV - Recycled Records
2/28/13 - Reno, NV - Jub Jub's Thirst Parlor
3/1/13 - Sacramento, CA
3/2/13 - Oakland, CA
3/3/13 - San Francisco, CA
3/4/13 - Santa Cruz, CA - Blue Lagoon
3/5/13 - San Diego, CA - Shakedown
3/6/13 - Los Angeles, CA
3/7/13 - Las Vegas, NV
3/8/13 - Flagstaff, AZ
3/9/13 - Tucson, AZ
3/10/13 - Las Cruces, NM
3/11/13 - Albuquerque, NM
3/12/13 - Lubbock, TX
3/13/13 - Ft. Worth, TX
3/14/13 - San Antonio, TX - Zombies
3/15/13 - Austin, TX
3/16/13 - Austin, TX
3/17/13 - Austin, TX
3/18/13 - Houston, TX
3/19/13 - New Orleans, LA
3/20/13 - New Orleans, LA
3/21/13 - Pensacola, FL - The Handlebar
3/22/13 - Dothan, AL - Jennings Skate Shop
3/23/13 - Columbus, GA - The Plughouse
3/24/13 - Valdosta, GA -Ashley St Station
3/25/13 - Gainesville, FL
3/26/13 - Gainesville, FL
3/27/13 - St. Petersburg, FL - Fubar
3/28/13 - Miami, FL - Churchills
3/29/13 - Lake Worth, FL
3/30/13 - Cocoa Beach, FL
3/31/13 - Jacksonville, FL
4/1/13 - Savannah, GA
4/2/13 - Asheville, NC
4/3/13 - Asheville, NC
4/4/13 - Chattanooga, TN
4/5/13 - Knoxville, TN - Poison Lawn
4/6/13 - Nashville, TN
4/7/13 - Memphis, TN
4/8/13 - St. Louis, MO
4/9/13 - Indianapolis, IN - The Sinking Ship
4/10/13 - Pittsburgh, PA
4/11/13 - Montclair, NJ
4/12/13 - New York, NY
4/13/13 - New York, NY
4/14/13 - Scranton, PA
4/15/13 - Buffalo, NY - The Crows Nest
4/16/13 - Cleveland, OH
4/17/13 - Detroit, MI
4/18/13 - Chicago, IL
4/19/13 - Chicago, IL - 2040 Haus
4/20/13 - Madison, WI
4/21/13 - Stevens Point , WI - The Brickhause
4/22/13 - Minneapolis, MN
4/23/13 - Des Moines, IA
4/24/13 - Omaha, NB
4/25/13 - Denver, CO
4/26/13 - Salt Lake City, UT
4/27/13 - Boise, ID
4/28/13 - Portland, OR
4/29/13 - Seattle, WA
4/30/13 - Portland, OR
5/1/13 - Eugene, OR
5/2/13 - Bend, OR - Horned Hand
5/3/13 - Ashland, OR
5/4/13 - Chico, CA
5/5/13 - Reno, NV

- chris

Nine years ago today I joined Vampirates. Back then I would have never believed just how much we would accomplish in this time. This band has allowed me to rock with my heroes, rock for crackheads, tour the US extensively, meet inspirational people, learn what it is to truly live off of nothing, and happily work shitty jobs to keep it all going. Huge thanks to every one of you for helping to propel this strange thing that we do. - Dave

Hey all, we are home from tour! Aside from the loss of our van, we had a blast! Thanks for coming out to the shows and making us feel right at home everywhere we went. We've got a homecoming show coming up in about a week with our friends Media Blitz, then we'll be taking a little time off for the annual Burning Man break. We'll be playing out in the desert at Voted Best Camp all week long (8/27-9/3), so if you're coming out, come find us at 2 and K. Also, check back soon for some exciting announcements about our plans for winter.

In the meantime, give our new album a listen!

- chris

Hey everyone. We're in Albuquerque, NM right now, headed to Lubbock, TX tomorrow (in a few hours or so). Tour is kicking a bunch of ass so far! So many great shows and familiar faces! Be sure to check the shows tab for info on upcoming shows. Also, don't forget to stream our new full-length album "Planet Stupid" right now and download a new track called "Untitled" right now HERE FOR FREE!

- chris

Stream our new full-length album "Planet Stupid" right now and come out to our cassette release show tonight at the Blue Lagoon in Santa Cruz, CA! Also, as a bonus, download a new track called "Untitled" right now HERE FOR FREE! Tour is going great so far. Thanks to those we've already played with/for and we can't wait to see the rest of you! LISTEN NOW! See you all soon!

- chris

Hey everyone. We entered Pus Cavern Recording in Sacramento, CA with Joe Johnston (Cobra Skulls, Cake, Deftones) this past weekend to record our brand new full-length album "Planet Stupid" which is due out this Thursday, 4/26/12, on Cocksmoker Chunk Records. Recorded and released all in one week, "Planet Stupid" consists of 15 brand new songs.

The track list is:
1. Farts And Feet
2. Common Ground
3. Untitled
4. This Merch Is A Pipebomb
5. Status Update
6. T Minus
7. Diarrhea Generator
8. Drunk Money
9. Eat This Song
10. I
11. Never
12. Obvious Day
13. Dark Waters
14. C#
15. One Past My Promise

We leave this Thursday for an 82 day North American tour in support of our new full-length album, so be sure to check out the shows page to stay up-to-date on where we will be over the next couple of months. See you all soon! - chris

Hey everyone. Quick update today. While on tour over the past few years we have played acoustically on the streets to help fund things. While we mostly played covers, we did write a few originals as well. Check out "Pat, Dave, and Chris" - four songs recorded over 2011 and 2012. Enjoy! - chris

Hey everyone!
You guys did it! Together, all of your donations nearly doubled our Kickstarter goal! This is going to help us more than we can even begin to describe. Thank each of you so much for contributing to our dream. This really goes to show that we couldnt do it without you. We are eternally grateful. Soon (thanks to you guys) we will be touring in support of our new record, titled "Planet Stupid." We really hope to see each of you along the way. Check out the shows page for details on upcoming tour dates.

We will be contacting those of you who donated shortly about details on receiving your rewards.

If you're in the Reno area, we're having a party at Jub Jub's Thirst Parlor on April 7th with a raffle and live music! Check out the shows page for more details!

Again, thank you, and thank you is an understatement. You rule.-chris

So... in classic Vampirates fashion, winter only hits on days we have to leave town. Our shows this weekend in North and South Lake Tahoe have been postponed due to snow. We ARE working on rescheduling the dates and will have details soon about the new dates. Sorry for bringing the snow this weekend to anyone who wanted to see us, the venues, promoters (Lisa and Mike), and Kill The Precedent. Anyway, see you all in April. - chris

Holy shit! We just reached our $550 goal on our Kickstarter Project! MANY MANY THANKS to those of you who have already donated! Those of you who want to, but haven't yet, don't worry! There are still 34 days to take advantage of all the totally rad ass rewards! Just $1 gets you an exclusive download! Not available anywhere else!

Again, thanks to everyone who's shared this link, told a friend, and/or donated. We love you.

Download of an exclusive demo of a song from our upcoming album.

Download (Audio + Art) of your choice (one album per donation): New Full-Length, Muffstache, or Shit Summer. Also includes previous package.

Signed copy of "Muffstache" on CD or Cassette, "Eat This Tape" on Cassette, Vampirates Sticker. Also includes all previous packages.

Signed copy of New Full-Length on CD or Cassette. Also includes all previous packages.

Hand-made exclusive design limited Vampirates t-shirt in your size. Also includes all previous packages.

New full-length Deluxe Release Package - New full-length on CD (limited packaging, signed), Promo posters, and exclusive patch. Also includes all previous packages.

Get our full discography in hand-made limited packaging and free entrance for two to any show on our upcoming 2012 tour. Also includes all previous packages.

We will write and record a song about/for you or whatever you want and post a video on youtube of said song. Also includes all previous packages.

We will come play a show in your town at your house for you and as many friends as you have. We will also bomb any great hills in your area with you and your skateboarding friends. Also includes all previous packages.

What could we possibly do for you that is worth $1000? You tell us! Let's work out a deal! Also includes all previous packages.

4/26/12 - Sparks NV - The Alley - The Backup Razor
4/27/12 - Chico CA - The Backup Razor
4/28/12 - San Francisco Bay CA - The Backup Razor
4/29/12 - Sacramento CA - Javalounge
4/30/12 - Oakland CA - The Backup Razor
5/1/12 - San Jose CA - Johnny V's - The Backup Razor, Trashkannon
5/2/12 - Santa Cruz CA - Blue Lagoon - The Backup Razor, Dun Bin Had, Can Toker
5/3/12 - Los Angeles CA - Media Blitz, The Backup Razor
5/4/12 - Escondido CA - Metaphor Cafe - The Backup Razor, Save The Swim Team
5/5/12 - Las Vegas NV - Double Down Saloon - The Backup Razor
5/6/12 - Flagstaff AZ
5/7/12 - Tucson AZ
5/8/12 - El Paso TX
5/9/12 - Albuquerque NM
5/10/12 - Lubbock TX - Prairie Fire Theater
5/11/12 - Denton TX
5/12/12 - San Antonio TX - Zombies
5/13/12 - Austin TX
5/14/12 - Houston TX
5/15/12 - New Orleans LA - Siberia - Pallbearers
5/16/12 - Mobile AL - Alabamsterdam - Slowpoke Rodriguez
5/17/12 - Pensacola FL - Handlebar - Slowpoke Rodriguez
5/18/12 - Tuscaloosa AL
5/19/12 - Atlanta GA
5/20/12 - Tallahassee FL - Slowpoke Rodriguez
5/21/12 - Gainesville FL - Benedict Arnold
5/22/12 - Orlando FL - Benedict Arnold
5/23/12 - Tampa FL - Benedict Arnold
5/24/12 - Miami FL - Churchill's Pub - Benedict Arnold
5/25/12 - Lake Worth FL - Propaganda - Benedict Arnold
5/26/12 - Melbourne FL - On The Rocks - Benedict Arnold
5/27/12 - St Augustine FL - Benedict Arnold
5/28/12 - Jacksonville FL - Phoenix Taproom - Benedict Arnold, Shattermat, Poor Richards
5/29/12 - Savannah GA - No Control - Indian Giver
5/30/12 - Asheville NC
5/31/12 - Asheville NC
6/1/12 - Knoxville TN
6/2/12 - Chattanooga TN - The Classless, Dildo Fight
6/3/12 - Nashville TN - The Classless, Ispeakfluentwoman
6/4/12 - Memphis TN - Murphy's - The Classless, Ispeakfluentwoman, To Serve Man
6/5/12 - Louisville KY - 3rd St Dive - The Classless, Ispeakfluentwoman, Crossbones Inc.
6/6/12 - Indianapolis IN - A House - The Classless, Ispeakfluentwoman
6/7/12 - Kent OH - The Classless, Ispeakfluentwoman, KGB
6/8/12 - Pittsburgh PA - The Classless, KGB
6/9/12 - Baltimore MD - The Classless
6/10/12 - Philiadelphia PA - The Classless
6/11/12 - Montclair NJ
6/12/12 - New York NY
6/13/12 - Boston MA
6/14/12 - Portland ME - Geno's - Thee Icepicks
6/15/12 - Quebec QC
6/16/12 - Montreal QC
6/17/12 - Toronto ON
6/18/12 - Buffalo NY
6/19/12 - Cleveland OH - KGB
6/20/12 - Detroit MI - KGB
6/21/12 - Chicago IL
6/22/12 - Chicago IL
6/23/12 - Madison WI
6/24/12 - Fond du Lac WI
6/25/12 - Minneapolis MN
6/26/12 - Des Moines IA
6/27/12 - Omaha NB
6/28/12 - Denver CO
6/29/12 - Denver CO
6/30/12 - Salt Lake City UT
7/1/12 - Pocatello ID
7/2/12 - Boise ID
7/3/12 - Bend OR
7/4/12 - Portland OR
7/5/12 - Seattle WA
7/6/12 - Vancouver BC
7/7/12 - Portland OR
7/8/12 - Salem OR - The Backup Razor
7/9/12 - Redding CA - The Backup Razor
7/10/12 - Oakland CA - The Backup Razor
7/11/12 - Santa Cruz CA - The Backup Razor
7/12/12 - Los Angeles CA - The Backup Razor
7/13/12 - San Diego CA - The Backup Razor
7/14/12 - San Diego CA - The Backup Razor
7/15/12 - Las Vegas NV - The Backup Razor
7/16/12 - Reno NV
- chris

Hey everyone! Here it is, our current list of confirmed shows and plans for our 2012 North American Tour. If a city doesn't have a venue, then we probably need help in that area. Send an email to if you can help fill in the gaps. If you'd like to donate, we've started a kickstarter project, so check that out! Thanks, and we will see you all soon!

4/26/12 - Sparks NV - The Alley - The Backup Razor
4/27/12 - Chico CA - The Backup Razor
4/28/12 - San Francisco Bay CA - The Backup Razor
4/29/12 - Sacramento CA - Javalounge
4/30/12 - Oakland CA - The Backup Razor
5/1/12 - San Jose CA - Johnny V's - The Backup Razor, Trashkannon
5/2/12 - Santa Cruz CA - Blue Lagoon - The Backup Razor, Dun Bin Had, Can Toker
5/3/12 - Los Angeles CA - Media Blitz, The Backup Razor
5/4/12 - Escondido CA - Metaphor Cafe - The Backup Razor, Save The Swim Team
5/5/12 - Las Vegas NV - Double Down Saloon - The Backup Razor
5/6/12 - Flagstaff AZ
5/7/12 - Tucson AZ
5/8/12 - El Paso TX
5/9/12 - Albuquerque NM
5/10/12 - Lubbock TX - Prairie Fire Theater
5/11/12 - Denton TX
5/12/12 - San Antonio TX - Zombies
5/13/12 - Austin TX
5/14/12 - Houston TX
5/15/12 - New Orleans LA - Siberia - Pallbearers
5/16/12 - Mobile AL - Alabamsterdam - Slowpoke Rodriguez
5/17/12 - Pensacola FL - Handlebar - Slowpoke Rodriguez
5/18/12 - Tuscaloosa AL
5/19/12 - Atlanta GA
5/20/12 - Tallahassee FL - Slowpoke Rodriguez
5/21/12 - Gainesville FL - Benedict Arnold
5/22/12 - Orlando FL - Benedict Arnold
5/23/12 - Tampa FL - Benedict Arnold
5/24/12 - Miami FL - Churchill's Pub - Benedict Arnold
5/25/12 - Lake Worth FL - Propaganda - Benedict Arnold
5/26/12 - Melbourne FL - On The Rocks - Benedict Arnold
5/27/12 - St Augustine FL - Benedict Arnold
5/28/12 - Jacksonville FL - Phoenix Taproom - Benedict Arnold, Shattermat, Poor Richards
5/29/12 - Savannah GA - No Control - Indian Giver
5/30/12 - Asheville NC
5/31/12 - Asheville NC
6/1/12 - Knoxville TN
6/2/12 - Chattanooga TN - The Classless, Dildo Fight
6/3/12 - Nashville TN - The Classless, Ispeakfluentwoman
6/4/12 - Memphis TN - Murphy's - The Classless, Ispeakfluentwoman, To Serve Man
6/5/12 - Louisville KY - 3rd St Dive - The Classless, Ispeakfluentwoman, Crossbones Inc.
6/6/12 - Indianapolis IN - A House - The Classless, Ispeakfluentwoman
6/7/12 - Kent OH - The Classless, Ispeakfluentwoman, KGB
6/8/12 - Pittsburgh PA - The Classless, KGB
6/9/12 - Baltimore MD - The Classless
6/10/12 - Philiadelphia PA - The Classless
6/11/12 - Montclair NJ
6/12/12 - New York NY
6/13/12 - Boston MA
6/14/12 - Portland ME - Geno's - Thee Icepicks
6/15/12 - Quebec QC
6/16/12 - Montreal QC
6/17/12 - Toronto ON
6/18/12 - Buffalo NY
6/19/12 - Cleveland OH - KGB
6/20/12 - Detroit MI - KGB
6/21/12 - Chicago IL
6/22/12 - Chicago IL
6/23/12 - Madison WI
6/24/12 - Fond du Lac WI
6/25/12 - Minneapolis MN
6/26/12 - Des Moines IA
6/27/12 - Omaha NB
6/28/12 - Denver CO
6/29/12 - Denver CO
6/30/12 - Salt Lake City UT
7/1/12 - Pocatello ID
7/2/12 - Boise ID
7/3/12 - Bend OR
7/4/12 - Portland OR
7/5/12 - Seattle WA
7/6/12 - Vancouver BC
7/7/12 - Portland OR
7/8/12 - Salem OR - The Backup Razor
7/9/12 - Redding CA - The Backup Razor
7/10/12 - Oakland CA - The Backup Razor
7/11/12 - Santa Cruz CA - The Backup Razor
7/12/12 - Los Angeles CA - The Backup Razor
7/13/12 - San Diego CA - The Backup Razor
7/14/12 - San Diego CA - The Backup Razor
7/15/12 - Las Vegas NV - The Backup Razor
7/16/12 - Reno NV
- chris

Hey everyone, the new site is growing in content. The videos page has plenty of stuff to watch now, and the pictures page is now current for the first time in nearly four years! We're confirming shows everyday for our upcoming tour. Full tour details will be announced February 13, so check back for that! New songs are coming together nicely, as well. We're stoked to bring it all to you in April! - chris

2012-01-04 3.0 is born! Take a look around, listen to some songs, look at some pictures, etc.. With the new website comes more and more content. I will be working on getting the photos section up-to-date over the next few weeks. Also, updates to the site are much much easier, so that means tour information and news announcements will be much more frequent. Coming up in 2012 we will again enter Pus Cavern Recording in Sacramento, CA to finally record a new full-length album. In late April, fresh out of the studio, we will hit the road once again to play all across North America. Before that, we have one last show on Jan. 8th at Ground Zero in Reno, NV before we go into hibernation to rehearse for the studio. We will see you all soon. - chris

It's been a bit since the last update...We had a great time drinking and playing out at Burning Man this year. In September we played an awesome show with Voodoo Glow Skulls and we played our annual show for the DPW out in Gerlach, NV. We have one more show coming up in 2011 on December 2 in Reno, which will mark 100 shows in 2011! It is the release show for the tape compilation we are putting out called Eat This Tape. See the track list and more info here. The bands on the tape are mostly friends of ours that we have met from touring the US, while some are local Reno bands that we loved growing up, or are good friends with. We hope you enjoy it. You can pre-order now now on our merch page for just $5 or come to the show and get one of the first 100 copies on blue tapes! In other news, we're recording two or three new songs this month to put on some upcoming compliations, and we have plans to go back into Pus Cavern over winter to record a brand new full length record, which should be out early spring 2012. We'll have more details as they come. Go see a show, there are a bunch of them. - chris

Hey everyone. So we are back from tour now and pretty much back into the routine of shit. Pat is already out in the desert and Dave is shortly on his way also, so we won't be playing for the next few months, except for Burning Man. We have tentative plans to do a short northwest tour in the fall after everyone's back from the playa, so possibly look out for more details in a few weeks. We are also planning to write some new songs and finish up some of the demos we have floating around to finally put together a new album, which will hopefully be recorded sometime over the winter. Thanks to everyone who helped us out on tour earlier this year. We had a rough start, but that was soon forgotten thanks to all of your support. We will see you all soon. - chris

Hey! We are hanging around in Asheville, NC getting shit done! Today we put up our new record 'Shit Summer' for free download on our page. The record features three new songs, a reworked version of 'Kegstand' and re-recordings of eight old songs. We recorded 'Shit Summer' while on tour all across the US, drums and guitars in Reno, NV, bass in Austin, TX and Asheville, NC, vocals in Collinsville, IL, and mixing/mastering in Yarmouth, ME. Go download that shit on our sounds page. We also just released a split cassette only tape with our friends STuDZ and BAC from Asheville, NC called 'Bromance' and it will be available on our merch table, at Static Age Records in Asheville, and through the other bands. Also, keep checking the shows schedule to see when we will be hitting your town. See you all soon. - chris

Hey everyone. Here's another much needed update to the page. The show schedule is up to date with cities and venues, other details are subject to change. More shows will be scheduled and announced upon confirmation. Sorry for the lack of updates on here, it is hard to get around to it as often as needed. Keep up with us on our facebook page. We will see you all soon. - chris

Holy shit! We're in Gainesville, FL right now and it is awesome! We've been on tour for just over five weeks and we've played 31 shows from the Northwest all the way to Florida! We've got just under four months left and we'll be hitting almost everywhere again, so keep your eyes peeled for show updates. A good place to keep up on us is our facebook page. It is just easier to update on the road. I'll try to keep up on this page, too, though. I promise. Anyway, we've got shows all the way through the south up to the mid west and over to Portland, Maine and NYC, so check the shows page for the latest info. Thanks to everyone we've met so far, it has already been so amazing! We see the Atlantic ocean tomorrow for the first time on this trip. Stoked! - chris

Hey everyone... so it's 3AM and we're leaving for Portland in the morning, and the first show of the tour is Friday in Seattle. Check out the shows page for the latest info. We'll be posting video updates as often as we can, so look out for those, and be sure to keep an eye out for when we come through your town! We're ready to party! See you all soon, America. - chris

Happy new year and such! We've been working hard on getting the tour booked. We're trying to do a bit of pre-tour fundraising so we can afford it when the van dies, or we break another amplifier. If you're interested in helping out, there are a few things you can do...First, we've teamed up with a website called Kickstarter who helps projects receive funding. We've set it up so our goal is $1000. If we reach that goal, we will get the money! Otherwise you will not be charged. Check it out here: In addition to the kickstarter thing, we are throwing a Tour Fundraiser show in Reno, NV on Jan. 29 at Jub Jub's Thirst Parlor. Bands will be Sucka Punch, Riptide Bandits, and Voted Best Band. There is no cover, and we will be having a raffle. Prices for tickets are: one for $3 or two for $5. Prizes include: Tattoo packages from Sinful Skin and Evolution Tattoo, hair/nail packages from Salon 7 and Rockstar Hair, custom costumes from Junkee Clothing, gift certificates from Recycled Records, smokers package from Art Dog's, random merch from Vampirates, and more tba!! Raffle tickets are available in advance at Jub Jub's (71 S. Wells) or through either Dave or Chris. We've finally finished editing the tour videos from the 2010 US Tour, you can find them on our youtube page. Sorry for the huge update... Check the shows page for the latest confirmed shows. -chris

Hey everyone! We've been taking some time off lately, but everyone has been keeping busy. Chris F and Dave have been playing guitars in Reno Ska-Punk legends Sucka Punch, Chris T. and Chris F. are playing in Twelve Gauge Facelift, and Pat is in Northern California picking grapes. We've begun booking next year's tour, which will last five months, leaving February 18 and returning July 17. We'll be making up our canceled show with Larry And His Flask on February 25th at The Alley in Sparks. We're aiming to re-record songs from 'Shitpanzimps' and 'Summer Ale' for a new release, tentatively titled 'Summer Ale 2.011'. This release will likely include two or three new songs, as well. More info, including track listing, and release date will be announced soon. We have recieved our copies of the 'Corruption Of American Youth Volume 2' compliation out now on Crash Assailant Records, and they are currently available in our merch store for $5. Order here while we still have them! One last thing, we have posted a few new videos for some songs off of 'Muffstache,' check them out: Bottom Of The Top, So Wrong, So Long - Sweet Relief, The Angry Sloth. Anyway, thanks for reading. We'll see you on the road soon! - chris

Hello! The past few shows have ruled! Burning Man was amazing, as usual. Playing with Death By Stereo in Redding was a god damned blast! Coming up we've got a show at the Zephyr benefiting our good friend Tony from Chris' old band SevenEyes, and on October 14 we're playing at the Alley in Sparks with our good friends Larry And His Flask. We're super excited for these ones! So come out and party. In other news, there are a couple of announcements to be made soon regarding upcoming Vampirates releases, so check back for that info soon! See you at a show!- chris

Hey everyone. First off, I'd like to thank everyone who helped us out on our tour, whether you set up a show for us, let us sleep on your floor, played with us, fed us, or anything else, we love you for being comeletely awesome, 'you're the best around, nothing's ever gonna get ya down, you're the best, UHHH!' Secondly, we've had some really fun homecoming shows, thanks to everyone who was a part of them. Now that the tour is over, we're taking a little break for Burning Man (though we'll be playing at Voted Best Camp all week). After that we'll be playing shows regionally, and working on finishing our next full-length record. Tentatively we're planning to go back to Pus Cavern sometime over winter. After the next record is done we'll be hitting the road again, so keep an eye out for more announcements. Oh, one more thing, we're playing with Death By Stereo in Redding, CA on 9/11! Come see that shit! Alright, see you all soon! - chris

So the tour is about over. We have met and played with some amazing bands and stayed with some amazing people. We'd like to thank every one of you for supporting us. A few days ago we were bumming around in Flagstaff, AZ and we decided it might be fun to play an Against Me! song outide of their bus to see what happens. Long story short, Tom Gabel asked us to open their show at the Orpheum Theater. It was absolutly incredible. I would like to thank Tom, Against Me!, and their whole crew from being such amazing people and reaching out to help our struggling little punk rock band. It means the world to me. So thanks to everyone, come see us on this last week of tour. Let's drink a beer. - chris

So it's been another month since the last update. Sorry! It's hard to keep up with our lack of internet time. Anyway, we've been all over the southeast and up to the northeast again and it has been fucking amazing. There are now six of us in the van crammed in there with all of the broken gear. So far, we've broken one bass head, one guitar head, one PA, one valve in the van that spilled out all of our antifreese, countless cables, and something like three microphones. On the bright side, we've got some kick ass shows coming up, including tomorrow, here in Chicago, with Benedict Arnold. So check out the tour schedule. We'll see you all soon. - chris

Holy shit. I can't believe we haven't had the chance to update this in so long. Sorry, I'll do it as often as possible for the rest of the tour. Anyway, we're in Chicago, it's day 61 of tour. It has been absolutely amazing. We played on a radio show in Austin, TX, check it out. We have met some very awesome people and played with some amazing bands. We've got one video update up so far, and we're currently working on more to hopefully catch up. We'll get to it, I promise. Anyway, we've got a bunch more shows coming up and many more in the works. We'll see you in your town soon! - chris

Ahh, a new decade. We're taking the first few months off to prepare for our first US Tour (also, Pat is in New Zealand)! We're also continuing work on our new demos. This year, starting March 26, we'll be playing shows all across the US. After tour, we'll break for Burning Man, then hopefully we'll hit the studio again to record our new full-length record. After that, we'll continue to tour anywhere we can! So look out for us on the road in your town this year. Also, a bunch of live videos have been posted to our youtube page, so watch those! See you on the road! - chris

Our last few shows have been super fun, Larry and His Flask are AMAZING, I can't wait to play with them again. The show with Citizen Fish, Star Fucking Hipsters, and Molotov Compromise was fucking great, also. And last night we did the ol' show scramble with The No No's and ended up playing at the Zephyr, and it was super fun. Good times had by all. So go listen to those bands, if you haven't. Check out two new demos posted on our myspace and let us know what you think. See you soon. - chris

Uploaded a shitload of new pictures from 2008. Still working on more recent ones, I'm hoping to catch up to date for once. Also fixed the guestbook, geocities is gone so I had to switch to a new one, and you can't use fun words like fuck, for that, I apologize. I'll try to find some other alternative. Anyway, see you at the show next week. - chris

It's been awhile since the last update, sorry about that... Currently Dave and Chris T. are in Reno, I live in Ashland, and who knows where Pat is? However, we've got some shows and a new limited release coming out on November 4th! Yep, 'Here Ya Go' is a six song EP that has two brand new songs (titled 'Common Ground' and 'You Can Do Anything You Set Your Mind To You Fucking Idiot') and four live tracks including the previously unreleased fast version of 'Kegstand.' It's limited only to 50 copies so come get 'em at the Citizen Fish/Star Fucking Hipsters show at Vixen's in Sparks, Nv. on Nov. 4th! Oh, and they'll be FREE. In show news, we're planning a trip to the bay and Santa Cruz sometime early winter, details tba. We're still working on the new songs, I'd expect the full-length to be out by summer 2010. Anyway, see you at the shows. - chris

Burning man was fucking great as always. The show with MDC was fucking great as well! We've got some awesome shows coming up this fall in Reno with Larry and His Flask, Citizen Fish, Star Fucking Hipsters, and our friends from Minneapolis The No No's. Check out the shows section for more info. We're still working on the demos for the new record, and we plan to go into the studio to record it in December. We also have a major announcement coming up super soon, so look out for that, also. See you at a show! - chris

We played our first show in San Francisco this weekend with Static Thought and The Backup Razor and it was awesome. I can't wait to do it again. We've still got some shows before Pat leaves for the desert, so come see us rock! - chris

We're playing with MDC at the Zephyr in Reno on August 28. See you there! - chris

Hello. We are the featured band in the Reno News and Review this week. Pretty cool. Check it out here ( We've got some shows coming up, including San Francisco with Static Thought and the Backup Razor, so check those out! We've also been working on the new demo, and now have twelve songs with complete drum tracks. Expect a preview within a few months. See you soon! - chris

Hey, our weekend with Static Thought and the Backup Razor was fucking awesome, as was our trip to Sacramento to play with the Lesdystics. Thanks to everyone who came out and had fun. We've got some shows coming up, and we were recently interviewed by the Reno News and Review. So look out for that article in one of the coming issues, and come see some shows!! We're also slowly making more progress on the demos, hopefully we'll have some audio to post in the near future... - chris

Hello everyone. Sorry for the lack of updates here, my computer is still in Tennessee... Anyway, tour was amazing. Thanks to everyone who helped us out with shows, let us sleep on your floors, fed us, and anything else you might have done for us. You all are fucking amazing and we love you all. Anyway, I'll post a real tour recap sometime soon, detailing each stop... On a shitty note, when we got home to play with the Murder Junkies at the Zephyr someone stole our entire merch suitcase. We finally got off our ass and made some cool stuff for everyone (shirts, patches, posters, stickers) and now it is all gone! Welcome home, right? Fortunately we're currently working on replacing the crap that was stolen, so if you want some merch, it should be up in our online store super soon. Anyway, come see us at one of our super awesome shows coming up. We're playing with some of our most favorite bands (Lesdystics, Larry And His Flask, Backup Razor, Static Thought!) within the next month, so come see some fucking punk rock! - chris

Tour starts Friday. We're all super stoked. Check the shows section to see when we're playing in your town! - chris

Tour info updated. Check the shows page! - chris

Making some changes to the flyers page, also sorting through a bunch of old pictures, so expect updates there soon, also. Some more info about the tour is coming in, including a day show in Santa Fe, NM. So check out the shows page for more info. - chris

More details about the tour are coming about and have been posted on the shows page, we've added some California dates. We've got a new online merch store built by our friend Shehan at Be sure to check it out, Muffstache is for sale in digital format there, and soon, we'll have t-shirts, CDs, patches, stickers, and other awesome Vampirates items for you to buy! This cool webzine called Rivercity By Night in Chattanooga, Tn recently did an interview with us about the upcoming tour, so be sure to check that out as well. That's about it, check out the shows page for info on the tour. - Chris

Uploaded the poster for the Punish Your Buick Tour. Getting closer to some more confirmations and details. See you soon. - Chris

The tour is coming together quite nicely, still wating for some confirmations in some places, but it's looking good. We will be welcomed back to Reno with an AWESOME show with the MURDER JUNKIES! That shit's going to be fucking amazing. Muffstache is now available at for just $7.25, so go buy it!! That's about all, check the shows page for info on the tour! - chris

First update in '09 and it's a big one! The Punish Your Buick Tour is coming together quite nicely, and we've added a trip up to Oregon into the plans. Currently Pat is at the bottom of the world in South America, and I (chris f.) have relocated to Chattanooga, Tennessee until the tour in May. So, work on the demo has been postponed (except lyric writing) until after the tour when we can finish it up. Once we've finished the demo, we're going to book some studio time at Pus Cavern and go record our second full-length! Then, in August we'll of course be rocking at Burning Man, and some local shows around the Reno area until we are ready to say fuck it and hit the road for good. So once May hits, look the fuck out for Vampirates! - chris

Fuck yeah, Carson City was fucking awesome as always! Kids going nuts running off of the walls, falling down, smashing into other kids that were sitting down! Good times. Thanks for the fun, and I'll post some footage up on the youtube soon. Sunday and last night were canceled due to snow fall around the area, however, both shows have been rescheduled. Sunday is pushed to next Sunday, and last night is happening on Friday. So come get your very own copy of Muffstache Friday at the Underground! See you there! - chris

First off we've got the CD Release shows coming up this weekend, and we couldn't be more stoked. We tried our hardest to find an all ages show in Reno, but everything fell through, so if you're under 21, we're sorry, but you can go see us on Saturday at the 4 Pints in Carson City. Anyway, we've been working hard on the new demos, trying to get the drums and bass done before Pat leaves on the 31st. We've got ten of twenty drum tracks done, and they're sounding kick ass. That's about all we're up to, see you this weekend! - chris

Alright... so the release of Muffstache has been delayed as we were waiting on some artwork, but now we've got everything in order, and we'll be sending everything off this week for press. So... this means that we'll actually be doing our CD Release... finally. Check out the shows page for all the info you need. Pat will be back in Reno shortly, and we will be again working on the new demos, until he leaves again in mid-december. That's right, Pat will be in South America for roughly five months. During his absence, we will work on finishing up the new demos. You will also be able to catch me and Dave playing every other Sunday at the Zephyr in Reno with Voted Best Band. And Chris T. will, of course, be playing regularly with Twelve Gauge Facelift. When Pat returns to the US, we'll be embarking on a week-long tour of the southern US entitled the "Punish Your Buick Tour." More info on this as we get closer... So, buy a cd from us so we can make another one! - chris

I finally made some time to update the page a bit... I took down the Muffstache demos and put up The Angry Sloth up for free download. So get that shit. Let us know what you think. We're not putting the whole thing up for free this time around 'cause... but you can buy it from us (for $3) right now! Email us at to get one! CD Release show in October. Burning man in something like 11 days. See you later. - chris

We've got some shows coming up to celebrate the release of Muffstache. These, however, are not the official release shows. Those will be in October, and we'll have real professionally pressed copies by then. However, those who pick up a copy next weekend will be getting 'special edition' hand made Muffstaches. Ebay??? Anyway, check out the shows page for info. - chris

We went into Pus Cavern with engineer Joe Johnston (cake, deftones, cobra skulls) last weekend (7/6) to record 'Muffstache' and we are super stoked with the results. We'll be hand making the first 100 copies, then we'll actually press some. We're fucking stoked to have a recording that actually represents our band's energy. So big thanks to Joe and Pus Cavern for kicking so much ass. We're working on demoing some new songs for the new record, we've already got four down... just sixteen more to go!! So come to our cd release shows and get yourself a copy of Muffstache. - chris

The Murder Junkies show was fucking awesome, thanks to everyone (except the dicks at musichead) for making it possible, especially Gabe from Medford's Pyrate Punx. We've got some more shows coming up, as well as the studio on July 6. Now for the bad news... in August, Pat will be leaving to go build Black Rock City, and won't be back until October (when I go back to Oregon to finish school). Then, shortly after that, Pat will be going to South America for roughly five months. So... we'll be taking a planned hiatus over the fall and winter months. However, when he returns to the States, we will return to the rock in full force (new material, extensive touring... etc.). Though this really bums me out, in the end it will be fucking awesome. So... you know what that means. Go fucking see us rock now, before you miss your chance! - chris

More show news! Check the shows page! - chris

Murder Junkies in Medford next week! We're also FINALLY going into the studio to have Muffstache recorded professionally on July 6th, so look for a cd release show shortly after. We've also got some other shows in the works... check the shows section to see what we're up to. Check back soon for mofe info on everything. - chris

Hey. We've got some kick ass all ages shows coming up, Carson, and Medford with GG Alin's MURDER JUNKIES!! So check the shows section for more info on those! Check back soon for more updates! - chris

We rocked with Dave on drums last weekend at Dave, Andy, 'n Pat's house. It was a good old drunken time. Looks like we're working on some shows in the Reno and South Lake area soon, so look for that shit. - chris

The Punish Your Body Tour 2.0 was fucking awesome, despite the lack of traveling! Thanks to all the bands, promoters, dudes and chicks, my bandmates, and everyone else who made it possible. The new songs are coming along nicely, and we should probably be demoing them sometime soon. Also, we're doing two shows in Oregon with Geoff and Dave filling in the drums. Should be a fucking blast! See you soon. - chris

Hello! So we finally got to rehearse and we now have three brand new songs that we've added to the set! Fuck yeah! The show in Ashland was fucking awesome, all of the bands killed it. Thanks to the Ashland Avengers for setting that shit up! Next week we're rocking a bunch around Reno and Tahoe, so come fucking see us and hear the new songs! See you soon, fuckers. - chris

Hey, so the tour is going to mostly be in Reno. haha. But we'll get to the other stops we had planned this summer for sure. However, since the tour is so local, we are going to finally write some new songs! So, if you see us on the Punish Your Body Tour 2.0 or 2.5, expect some new stuff! Also, we're playing in Ashland in about a week. It's an ALL AGES show on campus in the bottom of the SU. It is going to kick fucking ass, so go to it. See you at a show soon! - chris

Hello, nothing too important to say... tour in March, new songs soon... -Chris

Wow, so playing with the Circle Jerks was fucking amazing. Everyone was super cool and we gave away a shitload of CDs as well as stenciling a fuckload of people!! Thanks for letting us ruin your clothes and skin. We're working on an all-ages show in Reno soon... and also the tour in March. So check the shows section for the latest info! See you all soon. -chris

Holy shit. We are playing with the fucking Circle Jerks on Tuesday in Reno. If you do not know who they are, then I advise you to go to this show and find the fuck out!! All the info is on the shows section. Also, if you find Dave on myspace, he'll hook you up with a $12 ticket! See you all on Tuesday! - chris

Ahoy. So... we're working on a bunch of shows for the next couple of months (including the Punish Your Body Tour 2.0), and going into the studio has been pushed back until Feb. Also, there is talk of a possible South American tour off in the distant future. More details as they become available. We're still aiming to demo a shitload of new songs real soon. In other news, Dave and I have recorded a bunch of songs from our first band 2Corporate and we'll be releasing them on a cd titled 'Lesbian Amputee Rollerderby.' Should be available within a few weeks. Also in other news Pat's first band the Deadeyes are writing new material for the first time in many years. So look forward to that also. Our drummer Chris is also very busy with his band Twelve Gauge Facelift, so go see them when they come to your town!! See you all soon! -chris

Ya hey! We rocked a couple of shows with Dave on drums, and they were fun. Thanks to all who came and all who helped out. We're working on getting into a real studio for the first time ever in December to record Muffstache again. Hopefully we'll also be demoing some new songs as well soon. Shows soon too. Okay, see ya. -chris

Hey, so we rocked at Dave 'n Andy's place last night, it was kick ass. You should have been there. -chris

Hello. We are rocking Carson City tonight with our friends in A Housed Cursed and Twelve Gauge Facelift. It is going to be kick ass. That's pretty much it. Still slacking on the new songs, I'm back in Ashland, Pat is in Eugene, and Dave and Chris T are still here in Reno. We'll get it together, though. See you soon. -chris

Hi! This Friday is our show with the Duane Peters Gunfight, and we couldn't be more stoked. Also, the new songs are coming along, I'm going to try to convince everyone to play some new shit on friday. Anyway, in other news, if you weren't aware, Pat and I have joined Eightimesover, and we'll be going into the studio tomorrow to start tracking our new record, so check that shit out! Anyway, we'll see you Friday and next week in Ashland! Fuck yeah!! - chris

Ahoy you fucks! So we destroyed Burning Man last week, and it was a blast! Thanks to anyone who watched us rock. We are playing a bunch of shows in the near future, including one with the DUANE PETERS GUNFIGHT!!! Check out the shows section for more info. Also, we're working on a bunch of new songs, so maybe we'll play some new shit at some of these shows. See you soon. -chris

Hey friends! Another awesome weekend! We pulled off the first 4th St tour, next time maybe Blorgalakt and A House Cursed will join us! It sure is fun to pull shows out of your ass. Anyway, next show is Burning Man, so if you're going be sure to stop by Voted Best Camp and watch us rock our balls off. The live recording didn't turn out so great, because we broke so many cables, but some of it might see the light of day eventually, we'll see. Anyway, see you at a show! -chris

Hello everyone! The show last week with the Adolescents was AMAZING!! Thanks to everyone! Hell, both shows last weekend were amazing! The Roller Girls know how to party! Anyway, we've got a few more shows here in Reno before we go back to Oregon in late Sept. and we'll also be at Burning Man as always. Also, Muffstache is finally out and available, so come get one from us for only $2!! We'll start recording the new one as soon as we are back from the burn, so look out for that too! Also, tonight we're trying out another Live Record and DVD shoot, we'll see how that goes. Anyway, thanks to all of our new friends, and the old ones! See you soon at a show! -chris

Hey, we've got some shows coming up in Reno, and we're working on some out of town shows as well. Muffstache will be officially out by August 12 when we play with the legendary ADOLESCENTS!! Also, the new record is coming along nicely, and will seriously kick ass. Seriously. Anyway, check the shows page for info on shows, and buy tickets for Adolescents!! -chris

M'yello everyone. It's summer again, and that means that Pat and I are moving back down to Reno. We have already started writing our new record and are ten songs into our goal of twenty! Also, we're booking as many shows as possible, including a show on August 12 with the Adolescents!! We'll have advance tickets for cheap, so find us and buy them. Muffstache is still lagging, but will be out by August (I've put in a deadline to the artists... those fuckers). Anyway, hope to see you at a show. -chris

Hey, so we are back up, and no longer at Now it's just simply, so update your bookmarks. Anyway, I have added about a thousand new pictures to the site, mostly in the shows section, so check that shit out. Also!! I have finally posted mp3's of the pre-release mix of 'Muffstache,' as well as the entire 'Oh Anal! Live at the LFAG' record. So start downloading and burning cds for everyone!! Also, the Punish Your Body Tour was amazing, thanks to everyone that helped us out along the way. This summer, we plan to play as much as possible, and write/record a new full-length. That's about it, so check out all the new shit! - chris

Hello, Ashland was fucking awesome last weekend, we almost got into a bit of trouble, if you were there you know what I mean. Anyway, good times had by most! So we start the tour on friday somewhere hopefully, and it should be a good fucking time! We'll have a few days off in Reno which we will be finishing Muffstache, so we hopefully will have some copies to sell on the second half of tour. We hope to see you at a show soon! - Chris

Hey, so the dates for the tour are posted, and tomorrow we rock ashland's ass off again! We will have copies of 'Oh! Anal! Live In Ashland' which was recorded back in december at the lithia fountain and grill. It's a split between Vampirates, Edepit, and Butthak, so bring two extra bucks! Anyway, we'll see you at a show soon!! -Chris

Hello everyone! Last weekend was fucking great, GNP always brings the party and thanks to our new friends in Take Warning also!! We're working on a short tour at the end of march, the dates will be up soon. The new cds will be out by the tour, we promise! Also, we're doing a special night in Ashland next week, so check out the shows page for info... -Chris

Happy new year! The shows in December were amazing, thanks to all who came out and made it such a good time! The recording of the Ashland show turned out good, and will be out soon as a split between Edepit, Butthak, and Vampirates, and will also feature two new Vampirates songs. 'Ruckus At the Jazz Club' is just waiting for art, and then it will be available, and 'Muffstache' is awaiting guitar and vocal tracks. We didn't get a chance to do the EP with Eddie, though we might still put it out later this summer. More info when it comes around. Anyway, we're playing some shows in February, so look at the dates. Thats all. - chris

Hey, so we've got some good shit coming up! First off we're doing one last tour and EP with the original line-up. The dates for the tour (including a FREE ALL AGES SHOW with BEER in ASHLAND!!!!!!!) are posted on the shows page with more info coming soon. We are also planning on recording one or two of these shows for another live record. Also, we are going to record a five song or so EP with the original line-up before Eddie takes off to italy. In normal Vampirates news... 'Ruckus at the Jazz Club' will be finished within a week and available after that. We are recording 'Muffstache' again in early December, and it should be out by January. Also, we're doing a few reno shows in December. We also have show plans for january and feb. so look out! Anyway, buy a cd, or download it for free... and go see a show!!! - chris

Hey... so we're slowly working on some late-summer shows. And we're also finishing up the EP slowly. The live record is cool, and some tracks are available on our myspace for a preview. We'll be mixing it down within a month or so, and it should be out sometime shortly after that. So keep checking back for dates on these things. See you later. - chris

Alright! So we played for 6 people in Grants Pass a few weeks ago. That was fun. Susanville was a blast, and Reno was pretty fun too. This weekend is a big one for us. We're practicing and recording 'Muffstache' tomorrow, and on Saturday we'll be playing two shows. For info, go to the shows page. I'll update after this weekend with info about when the new cds will be out. - chris

Hello. So it's been awhile since I've been able to update this... but that has changed. Expect updates whenever I hear something worth putting on here. Anyway, here's what we've been up to. We know we've lagged really hard on putting out 'Muffstache.' We've demoed it, without vocals (except for 'visualization,' check it out on the music page), and it turned out good. But it's not what we want it to be... so we are re-recording it at the end of June, ourselves. So expect a mid-late-July release. Also, we are playing in Reno on June 24th and we will be recording this show for a live CD/DVD. Expect a mid-late-July release on that one too. We have some shows coming up (including Oregon!), and are working on more for summer, so watch out for us. If you want us to rock your town, send us an email. That's about it for now. We will be working on some new stuff, also, in the next few months. Okay, enough. Enjoy National Slayer Day!!! - chris

Hey, so we've played some really great shows lately and I'd like to thank anyone who helped make them possible. So, as usual we are lagging on finishing the demo, but those vocals should be done soon, I promise. Oh, and we will be heading into Pus Cavern Studios in Sacramento in late May for two days to record the new record titled 'Muffstache' which will be 8 songs rolled into one and will span about ten minutes. We might also record a few other new or old songs while we're in there. So look forward to that shit being out by summer, followed by tons of shows up and down the west coast. Oh, and in website news... sorry for the lack of updates, I haven't had the internet for awhile now, so it's hard to upload stuff. The most current show info is posted on the myspace page, since it's super easy to update, so check that for upcoming stuff, and I will try to update this one as regularly as possible. Anyway, thanks and see you all soon. - chris

Yo-ho-ho. The demo is getting close, just some more vocals to do, then it'll be done. Expect it to be done by the end of january at the latest. We've also got some shows coming up, including a possible show in Santa Cruz. Check the myspace for the latest show updates. Okay, that's all for now. - chris

Hey fuckers, we've got some news. So we're demo'n the new EP and all of the instruments are done, so now we're just waiting on the lyrics so we can record the vocals. As soon as recording is done we will put some songs up on here so you can see where we're headed with the new shit. Also we're working on a few shows here and there, and we're still trying to get back up to Ashland (there's nowhere to play there...). We're talking about a summer tour, too, so let us know if you live somewhere we've never been and want us to come rock. Okay, happy fucking holidays and see you when the demo's done! - chris

So I finally re-vamped the site. Also, we have some shows coming up, so check that out. Also, we're demoing the new record over the next few weeks, so look out for some new demos soon. I'll update when we have more info about that shite. A?so, check the myspace site for the latest show info. - chris

Burning man was awesome. We rocked those hippies. We've got one last summer show in Reno before we move back to Ashland, so check it out on the shows page. I had to take down some of the videos to save space on the server, so if you want them, send us an email. Also, we still don't know when or how we'll be recording the new record, but it should be soon. More details on that later. See you on Saturday. - chris

We have completed writing the new record, and it will be super awesome. It will have 8 songs total, and as of yet it's untitled, as are most of the songs. We're shooting to have this thing recorded by mid-sept, so look out for that. I also put up an entire set's worth of videos from our show at Stingers with Good Neighbor Policy. CHECK THAT SHIT OUT (it has new songs in it!!)!! I put up pics from the jazz club show with Good Neighbor Policy, too. Also, if you're going to Burning Man, be sure to stop by 2:00 and Delirium and demand that we play for you. See you there. - chris

Finally... an update. We've been working on writing songs for a new cd, which will be done and out by mid to end september. We played a show with our friend Emerson on drums, he did really good, and it was his first show. Pics are up from that show, as well. Good times... he will be drumming for us out at burning man this year... so check us out. We also have some upcoming shows in the Reno area... check the shows page for that info. See you at the shows. -chris

Hello all... so school is out and we are fucking stoked. Reno here we come. Oh, and Friday's show was fucking awesome... the Treehouses should be experienced by everyone. I think we successfully invaded the hippies and showed them what punk rock is all about. Oh, and our set was recorded (well, some of it, anyway)... so I'm putting up everything we ended up with of that recording (which is 2 full songs, and like 3 partial ones). So go to the sounds page and get some free live Vampirates. Okay, shows are being booked for summer... we will see you then! Oh, and recording is in the near future as well, details on that will come soon. Thanks for a great weekend if you were part of it. -chris

Okay... We've had scheduling conflict, and we are NOT playing in Susanville tomorrow. I am sorry. It is my fault. Blame me. - chris

We've been confirmed for the Treehouse Solfest in Cave Junction, Oregon. All the info is on the shows page, so check it out. Come and camp with us!!! Should be a good time... we hope to see you there. - Chris

So... I know... We suck... but we have to cancel our appearance at the show in Reno this weekend. We just can't make it down from Oregon due to schooling. I'm sorry to anyone who was planning on seeing us. We'll make it up this summer, a shitload. Sorry. (blame Pat). So... no vampirates shows this weekend. - chris

Most of the pics from this weekend are now up (we're still waiting on some...)! Go check em out!! - chris

This weekend was super kick ass. We had a fucking great time in Reno, and even though like 7 bands played, there were no problems!! Thanks to all the kids who stuck around to see us, and special thanks goes out to Quail Man, and the Bombmob singalong, that was amazing. Medford was also really fun. Thanks to all the Reno kids that came up (except for justin, andy, and alex... you guys are assholes), and all of the new bands are really amazing, I can't wait for more! Pics should be up really soon from each show... So thanks for coming out and having a good time if you did... and fuck you otherwise, i guess... hahaha. See you next time. - chris

I finally got the art for our 2 cds scanned in... it's on the sounds page... check it out. - chris

The party this Friday will have Darkwaters!!! The price to get in is $3 and if you're wearing some sort of costume, it's FREE!! Also, Pat and I have started a new side project that will be based out of Ashland, so be on the lookout for that really soon (i know... just what we need is another band)... alright, see you all this weekend!! - chris

A little more info has surfaced about the kegger next week... and more is soon to follow. -chris

Alright... tons of new info about the shows... first off, Darkwaters is going to be Namemenoone instead, and Fluid is going to be Carramrod instead on the 14th. Oh, and Eddie managed to do what he does best, and has fucked up the re-union show... no word on what the fuck we will be doing for that night (maybe play as a 3-piece??). Either way, ANAL BLASTATION will still play, so you can't miss that!! Oh, we're playing in Reno on May 13 at a FREE KEGGER!!! It can't get much better than that! See you soon. - chris

The flyer is up for the 14th!! -chris

The show on May 27th is going to be the reunion of the original line-up of Vampirates... that's right, Geoff and Eddie are back. It's going to be super awesome, and I'm sure we'll bust out something special on that night. So everyone needs to make it out for that one for sure!! Oh yeah, we're gonna do a new record or 2 this summer... watch out for that shit!! -chris

This must be a record! 3 updates in one day!!!!!! We have confirmed a show for May 27th with the Uplifted and Dorcia and possibly Carramrod from Reno in Medford!! It's going to be rock-tastic!! Okay, bye. For real this time. -chris

That's right, two updates in one day!! I've posted some more pictures. This time they're from Hunter's Benefit show in Carson City. Thanks Tiffany for the pictures!! Okay, enough. Check out the pics! -chris

Well hello everyone. After lots of promises... we're finally coming back to rock southern Oregon! That's right, we're playing at this new venue in Medford... all you Ashlanders better make it out, because it's as close as we can get for ALL AGES!!! We're working on getting the newest incarnation of 7eveneyes on the show (darkwaters), so that's even more of a reason to come to the rock show!! We've also been talking about doing a split 7' with a new band from Reno, more info on that as it develops. This summer we will be playing in new places, and recording new songs... Alright, that's pretty much it. See you at the show!! -chris

So I've decided to make a mailing list for those of you who want constant updates on shows and such the super lazy way! You can sign up on the main page of this site, or the contacts... anyway, talk about tour and possibly making another record in the next few months has began... more on that soon. -chris

I put up pictures from saturday's show #2. Go to the show pics section to check em out.Okay. See you soon. -chris

Yes... the rock was brought. 1 show turned into 2 shows, and it was a good time. We'll be rocking again soon. I'm tired... too much driving... g'night. -chris

Umm... the site is down (it's not my fault, I promise!!!) but I'm updating anyway. So the show on Saturday has been moved to Decades Bar and Grille (1475 Old Hot Springs Rd, off College Pkwy on the corner of Research & Hot Springs) in Carson City. Hope everyone makes note of the change and we see you all there!!! -chris

Hope everyone got nice and trashed yesterday... uhh, show info for Carson is up. Enjoy, and see your ass there! -chris

More info about the 26th in Carson is about to be announced, so check for that really soon. Also, we're talking about doing a tour with The Uplifted heading out to Elko and SLC for sometime in July, so look for info about that soon also. That's about it, talk to you soon. - chris

Last night was totally fun, thanks for coming out and making it worth the 10 hour drive Pat and I had to endure. I added a bunch of new pics from last night in the pics section, so check those out. Okay, more shows to come soon. later - chris

Ahoy... so the original line up reunion show (originally for March 11) has been postponed due to unforseen circumstances. However, it WILL HAPPEN very soon. As soon as I hear anything, it'll be posted here, so check back soon. Sorry for any trouble this may cause (i know, you care...). Anyway, Friday is still a go, so I'll see you then. Word to your mother. - chris

Hello. We've been added to a show this Friday in Reno with Hemlock. We're gonna rock the fucking shit, so be there. That's pretty much it. See you FRIDAY! - chris

Hey everyone. So all the talk has finally become truth. The Vampirates will be playing a show with our original line-up (chris, pat, geoff, and eddie) on March 11 in Eugene. It should be a blast, I know I'm looking forward to rocking with some old friends and some new faces as well. So yeah, that's pretty much it. I don't know if this will be the only show with this line-up, or if more will happen, but this is it for now. Ashland... I promise we'll be back soon. Until then... -chris

The shows last weekend were fuckin' awesome, we all had a good time. Dave somehow managed to survive playing four sets in one night... Anyway, we'll be back to Carson in March, and hopefully sooner than that. Anyhow, see you soon at some shows... -chris

We stepped our way into not one, but two shows this coming weekend, so head over to the shows page to see where we'll be rockin' at. We're starting to work on some new material, maybe we'll get something together before the shows... maybe not... anyway, see you Saturday. -chris

I added a bio to the info page cause I was bored. Also, I went through and added some old pics I found of us recording Shitpanzimps. Those can be found on the Recording Pics page. So, enjoy those. -chris

Yes, it's true... we are alive! We survived another year, and are going strong. There are plans for shows in the works. There has been talk of doing a weekend of shows with our original line-up, more on that as it develops. We're also talking about a long weekend of shows with the current line-up, hitting reno, ashland, central oregon, and hopefully portland (finally). Writing for a new album should start soon... okay, that's about all i can think of for now, so go listen to 7seconds. -chris

I'd like to thank everyone who came out this weekend and made it so much god damned fun. And those of you who didn't... fuck off, i guess. Anyway, reno was a blast, highlights include flaming pubes, broken strings, and bombing down that parking garage. Ashland was equally as fun, Pat's bass got really bloody, and Eddie sang 'I hate the mall' with us... who'd have thought??? Well, the new cds are done and available, so just ask us. $2 for each. Thanks again and see you all soon. -chris

Hey everyone, i added another flyer for our show on sunday, and also Beneath The Thorns from Ashland has been added to that show, so everyone come check out some rock. See you this weekend. -chris

So we're going to have 2 EP Release shows, one in Reno, and one in Ashland. And, I must say, it's about fucking time we get to rock in Ashland again... anyway, check the shows page for updated info. See you at the shows. - chris

Well aside from everything that's going on nationally... tha Vampirates are about to bring the rock. We will have our new EP ready by our show on the 20th, and they'll be going for $2, just like the old cd... and Ashland, we promise the rock will be brought very shortly. Also, I added the lyrics to 4 songs from the new EP to the lyrics page. Anyway, check back in a day or two for some news on shows. Until then, enjoy some delicious leftover Summer Ale. - chris

Word... we've got artwork now for the EP, so we've just got to put everything together, then they'll be ready. Also, we're going to be playing in Reno soon, and Ashland shows are in the works as well. So check out the shows page for upcoming info on CD Release shows and shits... -chris

Hello. So our new EP is finished and we're just waiting on artwork and cds, then we'll have them out. But in the mean time, you can download the entire thing from our sounds page. So check it out and let us know what you all think! Also, we're working on getting our shit together so we can have some shows up here in Ashland, as we are now back here and are missing half of our band in reno... So more on that when we figure that shit out. Okay, enough rambling... enjoy the Summer Ale. -chris

Summer Ale has been officially brewed, and is about to enter the bottling process. There is another rough mix mp3 up on the sounds page of 'Bombmob.' We're very proud of it, and hope that you all enjoy it as much as we do. It'll be out in about a week, I hope... until then... -Chris

We are roughly half way through the recording of the 'Summer Ale EP,' and it's turning out to be pretty damn good. At this point all of the drum and bass tracks are done, as with Pat's vocal tracks. All that's left is about 2/3 of the guitar tracks and Dave's and my vocals. Recording should be totally done in less than a week, and it should be mixed soon after. But to hold you all over there's an early version of 'I Hate Girls' available on the sounds page. So check that out. I'll update when we've finished recording and more songs become available. Check back later on, and enjoy 'I Hate Girls' - Chris

Okay, so we are recording the 'Summer Ale EP' tonight and it should contain 5 maybe 6 songs. We hope everything goes smoothly and on track... as it is Pat's last night in Reno before we move back to Ashland. We have yet to decide the future of the band at this point, but soon... so look for a huge update soon. Thanks for the great time reno... we'll be back. - Chris

vampirates flyer -chris

Hey, so we are playing at Club Infinity in Reno on the 29th, hope to see you all there, it will be a seriously kick ass show and it's ALL AGES with a bar and it's only $5! More info on the shows page... other that that, we're working on some new songs and trying to get them recorded before we head back to Ashland in a month, more info on that to come soon. Anyway, see you all at the show! -chris

Thanks everyone who came out to the show on saturday, we did a great thing that night. We're working on new material and also some new shows, so check the shows page for info. Thats about it, so thanks, later. -chris

So I had a fucking great time at the show the other night, thanks to everyone who made it so fucking awesome. On a side note, some of you may have noticed that we have Dave from Twice on vocals... well, that's because Eddie left town with no notice whatsoever. So, long story short, we now have Dave again. We are not sure how long he will be singing for us, and if Eddie will be back or not, but for now, this is how we're gonna rock it. See you all on the 31st. -chris

I put up flyers for the shows on the 17th and the 31st. More shows TBA very soon. Also, we will be playing a few new songs at these shows, so enjoy. Okay, enough... -Chris

Yes, hello... so we are now a fully functioning band again, and we are in the midst of writing new material, and recording demos. Expect some new songs within a few weeks. We are playing a few shows also, so check out the shows page. More info about upcoming shows and shit will be up here soon. In the meantime go to a show! -Chris

Hello all, so it's been a little while... umm here's what happening with us. As of June 30th, 2004, Vampirates will officially become a Reno band. We will begin work on a new record immediately, and will play many shows around the area. We look forward to rocking with all of you Reno folk. We are having our first show in town at the Spacement on July 17th. There will be more to come, and tour is being planned for August. See all of you then. - Chris

Awesome... so i made a trip up from Reno last Sat. to flyer for our show that was supposed to be that following friday. After we passed out 250+ flyers, we find out that our show had been canceled because Q's wasn't making any money, and therefore needed to close. This makes me a sad panda... So that said, we're sorry that we had to cancel Ashland for the 2nd time in a row. We plan on making this show up as soon as possible, but I doubt it will be before most of you go back to your homes for summer, sorry about that. Anyway, this brings us to Summer Tour 2004. We're planning on going everywhere and anywhere that will let us play. If you have any help, it is greatly needed. More info about tour is soon to follow. Thanks for reading this, and we're sorry. -Chris

Yeah, school's out, good times. We've got a show on the 28th at Q's in Ashland, and it's going to be a serious rocker. We've got some killer bands coming through, so lets make them Q's folk shit their teeth, in a respectful manner... Okay, so we're planning on writing/recording new material over the summer. Expect a fall release. -Chris

So we made a flyer for the show on the 30th, please help out and send/print out as many as possible. Also, if you are in or know someone who is in a band that might be inter?sted in playing, please email me at Also, we're working on a show in Corvallis, so stay tuned for that. Go get the cd. OK, bye. - Chris

The sounds section is growing, and it's got the newly remixed version of Shitpanzimps in it's entirity. The old version is gone forever, so those of you who have it should feel special. Anyway, we're still working on our upcoming shows, and i'll update with info as soon as i get it. In the meantime, get yourself a new free cd. Oh yeah, the HXCMP3 site was updated with the new versions as well.- Chris

(again) - Wow, two updates in one day! Okay, so the bootleg from Musichead (3.15.04) is now available for free download on the sounds page. Also, some more show news has developed, so get your ass over to the shows page to find out where we'll be playing next. Okay, that's about it... see you all at the shows. -chris

Hey, so we've got a show booked for April 30 (which also happens to be my birthday...) at Musichead and it's going to be a serious rocker. We're going to have a few different cds (2 live, and the new Shitpanzimps) and t-shirts for your taking and purchasing needs (finally). We're also working on another show 'round the same time, so check the shows section. -chris

Hello hello... Our shows this past weekend were really fucking fun so thanks to everyone who helped make everything possible. Our cd is done, and we're deciding on what we're going to do to get it out to all of you. Also, our show last monday in medford was recorded and we're quite happy with how it turned out, so we're probably going to post that on here within a few weeks. We're working on some more shows, i'll let you know soon. Thanks, and later. - chris

So we have show news... for full details go to the shows page. We'll be playing our one year anniversary show in Yreka, Ca, and we're getting paid in beer, could it get much better?!?! So come the fuck out even if it's finals week and show us how it's done. We will more than likely have a few limited copies of our newly remixed cd at these shows, so be prepared. Okay, i got nothin, come to the shows. -Chris

I saw dillinger escape plan and the Locust last night in SF... holy fucking shit. Umm, maybe vampirates will become a real functioning band based in reno over summertime... more on that as it develops. Our show on valentines was quite fitting, but thanks anyway to DOOM WORTHY, and Evo's, we had fun despite our poor (alcohol infulenced) performance. Thats about it, i'll get back to you when we get some show news. Oh yeah, the remixed version of our cd is coming very soon, i promise. ok, bye. - chris

Hello all, wow, it's been awhile... anyway, we all had a fucking awesome time over the 31st, and thanks to all that came out to make it such an awesome fucking weekend, esp. the reno kids! Anyway, so we've been asked to play at Evos on Sat (feb. 14) so we're gonna rock for valentines. I'm not sure who we're playing with, but chances are, we go on first, so get there early, 'round 7ish. Umm, our cd is almost finished, and should be re-released sometime very soon for all yo-asses. Well, gotta teach dave some songs, haha, see you all at the show! -chris

What's up everyone... there's a flyer here and there's a printable version here for the show on the 31st. Umm, i also added a bunch of pictures from halloween and Nov. 1st, so check those out under the 'showpics' section... not too much else goin on, maybe gonna have 1 more show soon, i'll let you know about that sometime soon. Ok, later. - chris

Hello, so our cd has begun the remixing process, and holy fucking shit it sounds 400% better than it used to. I'm hoping that we can have some packaged cds by the show on the 31st to sell, or give out... Anyway... the show on the 31st is confirmed, Vampirates NG

What's up... so the info about our upcoming show at probably Evos... i'll let you know as soon as i find out what's up. Also, anyone who goes to the show will recieve a free cd with 1 song from every band on the show (maybe not one...), so be sure to check that shit out. Our cd will be remixed by the show also, so maybe some of you will get some copies of the better sounding version. Well, rock on... -chris

First off, happy new year and such. Secondly, we've got some bitchin' news... We've booked a show in Southern Oregon with Reno's Twice and Seven Eyes (who's new cd is fucking totally awesome). You might be asking yourselves 'how can you play without a drummer?' We can't... so we found some temporary replacements just to rock your fucking asses. Eddie is officially back. So check out the shows section for more info. Also, there may be a special appeareance from everyone's favorite new band NG

Yeah, so i made an mp3 page at for more people to listen to us today. There is, however, more on our sounds page, so i'd just go there. Okay, later all. - chris

Word... so here's the news as I know it. First off, Eddie is coming back and will be singing for the Vampirates again starting in January, and it's looking like Dave will become our drummer, since Geoff recently left the band (on good terms). Our first cd, 'Shitpanzimps' is going to be remixed and remastered in early January and we will have that out as soon as possible (it's going to sound much much much better). Also, we're looking into recording an EP in early 2004 with the new line-up and new songs, also. In Vampirates related news, Dave and I (chris) have started a new band called NG

I put one of our songs up on Epitaph's demolition page to see how it goes. You should go listen, and rate it accordingly. In band news... well, i'll have a big update as soon as i get everything together. All i gotta say is, look for something to be changing 'round these parts soon. -chris

So we're currently working on setting up some shows to raise some cash to go into the studio to do a real EP. If you've got a show without a band, let us know, we're pretty much down for whatever. Anyway, so i'll keep you updated on upcoming shows and such. Also, it looks as if Eddie is going to become the 1st and 3rd singer of the Vampirates. That's right, he's coming back, and we're quite excited about getting out on the road and playing for as many of you as possible. Anyway, soon we'll have a bunch of news for y'all. Rock on, and try not to die... -chris

Howdy doody everyone, we had a great time over halloween weekend, and hope you did too. The show in medford was totally fun and i want to thank seven eyes for coming all the way up for the show, they were totally fucking awesome. Well, i don't know what the deal is with upcoming shows at this point, but we'll figure it out soon and i'll post it on here. Well, that's about it, rock on. - chris

So we've moved to a new host! Thanks Ian and Our mp3's now work, and everything should be working, if something still doesn't work, let us know through an email or the guestbook or somethin. So yeah, we're playing ontop of a house on Beach Street on Halloween night in Ashland, i don't have an address, but i know it's pretty far up beach. It's going to be fucking awesome. We're also going to be playing various other partys 'round town, so hopefully you'll stumble across us. Well, thanks for checking out the new page, and see you all at the upcoming shows. -chris

That's right, free cds to EVERYONE that comes to the show (Nov. 1st at music head flyer). Oh yeah, and i am aware that the mp3's are down, and i'm working on fixing it as we speak... I knew this day would come. In tour news, we're working on some shows in Reno, the bay area, Eugene, Redding, and Ashland/Medford for late Nov. early Dec. with Twice and Seven Eyes. I'll update as soon as we finalize everything. So please check back in a day or so for the mp3's (hopefully tonight...). Also, i added a link to pat's pther band's site, the deadeyes, check em out. Alright, see you all at the shows! -chris

Hey everyone, so we're gearing up for our return show on Nov. 1st and we're looking for partys to play in Ashland on halloween night. If you've heard of anything, just a possible address, fucking anything, please send us an email. We just want to play for the kids, and maybe give away some cds while we're at it. So we're all very stoked for the upcoming show and are hoping to book more asap in the reno/tahoe area, among others. Well, thanks for the support and stop reading this and go download a free goddamned cd already! See you at the shows. - Chris

Meet Dave vampirates dave thumb He is our new singer and will be rocking with us for the next few shows. Rock on. -chris

More awesome news in the world of the Vampirates!!! Dave from Reno's Twice has decided to help us out and is our current singer!! He will be in the band playing shows with us over the next few months. It's going to be fucking unreal. We are planning some shows for around halloween-ish so be on the lookout for those. We will be playing in Reno and Ashland and hopefully in other areas as well. This is the beginning of a new era in the Vampirates, and much is to come. Keep checking back for updates on shows. Fuck yeah, have a good weekend everyone. - chris

Fuck yeah. I just got off the phone with Geoff, and it is now confirmed? The Vampirates will live again, without a doubt. We will be continuing on without Eddie, and hopefully with a new singer. But if all else fails, Pat and I will take over the duties of singing, at least until we find someone to fill Eddie's shoes. So be ready Southern Oregon, because the Vampirates will rock your fucking face off without thinking twice. See you all in January. -chris

Okay... so i know i've been promising new mp3's from our cd for a long ass time, but the day has finally come! I put the whole cd (except for track 15 simply because it's too long, so those of you who have copies already should be stoked) up and as an added bonus for the long-ass wait for these, i put up a full live set from pat's room. Please enjoy these and give as many copies as you can to everyone you do and don't know. Alright... have fun... -chris

Wow... it's been awhile since i've done anything on this page. Where do I begin? Well... here is where the vampirates stand as of right now. Eddie has quit the band and will not be playing anymore shows with the vampirates, we wish him luck with his future and hope to play with him sometime in the future. There are no problems between us and eddie, he just has lost the interest, and there's nothing we can do. But do not fear... the Vampirates will continue on without eddie. So as you may have guessed, we are looking for a new singer. My only requirements are as follows: anyone who can and will write lyrics, won't be a flake, has energy, is willing to practice on a daily basis, and will be ready to rock by december. Also, should be between ages 18-25ish... Oh yeah... so I (chris) won't be back up to Ashland permananty until December, but hopefully we will have the cd remixed and mastered and re-released with art and everything else sometime between now and then. Well, thanks for your intrest and suppport and expect us to be back in action in early 2004!!!! In the meantime I will post some mp3's, and keep up with anything as far as updates go. Don't stop rockin' and check out the latest Death By Stereo cd... holy fucking shit. -chris

Okay, so there are a few copies of the cd floating around, and those of you that have them should feel very special, because it is going to be remixed and rereleased with actual artwork within i'd say a month. I hope anyway. But for those of you lucky bastards who got the 1st pressing (haha) i'll put a track list up.
1 Black Lipstick
2 Fuckerhead
3 Cocksmoker
4 I Hate The Mall
5 Mirror Image
6 Eddie Balls
7 Die Without Speaking To Anyone
8Feces On The Door
9 Demons In Your Brain
10 I Gross Me Out
11 We Will Destroy You
12 Shut Up
13 Bleeding Bastard Barf
14 Transylvania Zombie Fuck
And there you have it. The track list for Shitpanzimps. Thanks for paying the free dollars to have your very own copy of it. Well, as far as the band goes right now, we're on sort-of a haiatus, but there will be shows over summer. I promise. We will hopefully play in reno and go all the way up to portland and the areas between. So keep looking for updates on such topics. In the meantime, if you're in Portland, go see the Deadeyes, and if you're in reno, go see Twice, and look out for a new hardcore band featuring myself (chris) and dave from twice. It should be great times. Okay, enough ranting. Have a good and safe summer. -chris

Fuck yeah. The first Vampirates full length cd is about to be born and unleashed on society. We recorded all 14 songs in one day, and mixed and mastered it in 2. I am very excited for people to hear what we've been working on for nearly half a year now. I will post 2 or 3 new mp3s as soon as i get a final master copy of it, so keep on the look out for those. We will start giving out copys tomorrow, that is Wednesday June 11th. So if you're interested in getting yourself a copy please email me or talk to me or any of the other members in this here band. Big thanks goes out to Arron for stepping up and recording us for the best price anyone could imagine. Well, i'll have more details as soon as we've decided on the order, and artwork. Thanks for the support. -chris

Wow, it's been awhile... Well, we had a great time in reno, thanks to Jim and the rest of twice for having us. Mav Comai and Divinity of Truth are amazing bands and i feel very special for having seen them. Umm, so we're running out of time before we begin our summer-haiatus, when me pat and eddie go home for summer. We will, however, still be playing as many shows as possible, and i will have all of those updates on this here site. Look out portland... okay, sleepy sleepy time. Hopefully we'll have a show or 2 before we leave. Maybe not. Bye. -chris

So after many combined hours of slaving over our computers... Ryan and I bring you live video of the Vampirates!!! There are videos from 2 shows, 1 of which is a whole show (w/o one song...)!!!! I'm pretty damn excited about this... so please leave you thoughts in an e-mail or on the guestbook. Okay... it's bedtime... - chris

M'yello everyone... thanks for coming out to our shows if you did, and special thanks to Hit Me Back from LA (these kids are touring in a MINIVAN!! 6 kids in a minivan with all of their gear, FUCKING HARDCORE!!!!) and Debauchery, last night sure was fun. We're looking to do some more shows in the area ASAP, so if you have anything in mind, send us an e-mail. Umm, as always we've got new songs in the works, and some tour plans coming up in Sept. (more info as i get it). Well, thanks about all from behind the prison walls, so peace out and don't die (while speaking to people...). - chris

Hey everyone... umm... we've got a few new songs that we'll be playing tonight and on saturday in Medford... By the way, thanks Evo's for hooking us up with s?ows!! That's really fucking awesome!! Anyway... more work is still to be done on the demo... but it'll be done somewhat soon, my vocal tracks are gonna have to wait, seeing as i can barely talk at times... i think i'm dying... anyway, hope to see you at one of the upcoming shows, and i'll try not to puke on you. - chris

So I changed some things on the site, i think it looks much much better... Pat cut his hair... we wrote a new song... There's a new MP3 up!! Keep in mind that it's very rough and is not finished yet... i just wanted to get rid of the other shit-p3's and also give you an idea of what's to come on the EP. Umm.. there's a few new pics up on the recording pics page, and there's pics of pat cutting his hair on the various pics page... okay, that's about it for now... later! - chris

vampirates -chris

So just to prove to you that we're getting off our asses after our week off, which was nice, by the way, I put some pics up of us recording the EP. There's some recording pics, and some pics of the room at nighttime, it's pretty gnarly... anyway... all of the drum-tracks are done as of last night, and most of the bass tracks are done, also! Oh yeah, there's a kegger coming up in a week, i'll have better details ASAP. Okay, enough of this... i'm out. - chris

Okay... Getting a call around 3:30 on april fools day from evo's asking us to play that night seems kinda odd... but we went with it anyway... and while telling people about the show we stumbled across a party that was also to be had the same evening. They asked us if we could play... damn, 2 shows in one night coming out of nowhere... what the fuck? So anyway... the shows went rad, and we're now in the process of recording a 5-song demo! Expect some real sound clips within a week or so, and also expect pics from these 2 gnar-shows. Okay... guitar/bass tracks to finish... Later. - chris

Hello all. Wow... so much to talk about... our first real show went nicely, everyone had a good time. Thanks for coming out, if you did, and if you didn't, please go fuck yourself... that's you James. There are pics up from that show, so check out the pics page. Also there are now lyrics up!! We have a show coming up in may in Reno, and possibly one more that weekend also. Many other shows are in the works so keep checkin' the site over the next few weeks. Okay. - chris

So we played our first show ever last night and it couldn't have gone any better. There are a shitload of new pics up, some from the show, others from practice. Umm, that's about all of the news we have for now. See ya in the pit. - chris

Okay, we're uploaded! There's pics up, and the mp3's have been changed. I know that the pics page probably takes forever to load, and i'm very sorry about that. I'll have thumbnails very shortly to make thing more simple. If you have any suggestions or complaints, please send me an email. Okay, so we're gonna play a show in Greensprings C for all of the residents that want to check us out. So check out the shows page for details. Tours are still in the works, and other stuff too. Well, peace out. - chris

So I'm creating a page for us against Pat's will... he likes it. The band is coming together nicely and we'll be more than ready for our upcoming shows across the valley. Hopefully in april we'll make it up into northern Oregon and down to Reno and northern Cali. So go to our fuckin' shows cause we'll rock your balls off! Later. -chris

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